Tips for Avoiding the Gas Pumps

Let’s face it, gas prices are soaring higher than a bald eagle. It can hurt your wallet by visiting it often. If you are trying to think of ways to avoid buying gas all the time, consider these suggestions to help you.

Watch how you drive.

If you have a heavy foot, or you like to wait for the last minute to press on the break pedals, your gas tank can suffer. Pushing the car harder than needed will cause the engine to work heavier than it should. The more the engine has to work, the more gas it will require. Take the time to break those old accelerating habits. Doing this can save you a few miles per gallon.

Resist turning off the engine.

Starting the car uses gas. When the engine turns over, gas has to surge through the fuel lines into the engine. Instead, just wait patiently in the car to leave again. You will use less gas, sitting idle, than you would to turn the engine off and back on.

Let the car coast when possible.

According to debt free, If you are going down hill, or you have cruise control, let off the accelerator and just let the car coast. Not using the accelerator saves the engine from working too much.

Keep the car tuned up.

If you do simple things like changing the fuel and air filters, you can save yourself trips to the gas pump. Keeping your car routinely kept up helps your engine from over working to compensate from dirty filters, hoses, and plugs. Doing simple repairs can also save you a huge repair bill from the auto mechanic.

Get everything done the first time.

If you can get all your errands done at once, following the quickest routes between destinations, you can save yourself unnecessary trips. Make sure you have your day planned out so you can avoid starting the car multiple times a day.

Consider trading up.

If you are driving an older car, it may not be the greatest on gas. A lot of new cars are designed with fuel consumption in mind. There are hybrid cars that can help you get 30 miles a gallon. There are even some non hybrid 2011 models that can get 40 miles to the gallon. I realize that not every has the option of trading up, but if it is something you can do, you should consider it.

If you take these simple suggestions, you can easily save a decent amount of money every week.

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