How to Save Money at the Pump: Tips that Really Help

Even though gas prices have declined within the last week, the high costs are still putting dents in our pockets! Below you will find some gas-saving tips that will help reduce some of that pain you are feeling at the pump. Just by changing your driving habits, you can change your mpg tremendously. How do you do this? By following a couple of driving tips and going through routine maintenance on your vehicle, you will save in the long run. Improving the gas mileage your vehicle gets is just a matter of small changes in your driving habits. Regardless of how often you are filling up your tank, these tips will definitely help get you farther on one tank of gas. I have personally tested them and made changes in my driving habits and have increased my mpg by 20%. These are easy tips anyone can do!

Hand with gas pump and money

Check your speed: Fuel economy drops quickly when you drive over 65mpg, especially in an SUV. Leave with plenty of time to get to your destination and keep it at 65mph to get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle. Drive the speed limit on highways on a long road trip and you’ll notice you will not make as many stops for gas! Don’t drive like a madman. Picking up speed rapidly can cause a decrease in fuel economy. Cool it off the pedal a little bit and save the most with this tip. More aggressive driving uses more fuel.

Don’t avoid checkups: Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Also, remove heavy items from your trunk or roof to reduce the weight you are carrying.

Avoid idling for long periods: Don’t allow your vehicle to sit idling for long periods of time. If you know you will be stopped for a while, turn off your engine. This will save you more than you think.

Open your windows: If you are driving at low speeds (less than 50mph), open up your windows instead of using your air conditioning. Believe it or not, it is better to use your a/c at highway speeds rather than slow speeds. Close your windows at highway speeds!

Use cruise control: If your vehicle has the feature, use it on the highway whenever it is possible! Cruise control can decrease gas usage tremendously. Remember, if you are driving in a hilly area, do not use. It can have reverse effects.

Use your GPS: A GPS system will help you avoid excess driving. It will plan your routes and with some, you can even get routes to avoid traffic and construction (may have to pay monthly fee).

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