How to Remove Snakes from Your Home

Most people aren’t too comfortable with the idea of a long, creepy and potentially poisonous snake crawling around their bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, or back yards. So just how does one go about ridding their homes of these unwanted, legless beasts?

If you are concerned that the snake may be venomous, then call in a professional snake handler instead of manually attempting to remove it. The snake handler will be able to safely remove the snake for an affordable price. There is no point in risking your life just to save some money. Otherwise, continue with the following steps:


You need to find out how the snake got into your home by locating its point of origin. Then, you can track its movements by observing the trail of snake skin littered along its path. Typically, snakes will go wherever they can find food. Make sure all of your garbage cans are tightly shut, there are no rats roaming your hallways, and that the point of origin remains open so that the snake can safely leave on its own accord if it so chooses. Once it does leave, make sure to patch up the weak spot that allowed its initial entry to begin with.


Not only can snake repellent help keep these nasty brutes from invading your home in the first place, but it can also help drive away those snakes who have already invaded your home. Spray the repellent once every 4 weeks. The repellent works because it latches onto a snake’s ‘Jacobson’s organ’ receptor and causes them to suffer from a disgusting odor and taste that leaves the snake feeling weak. A repellent will quickly drive any remaining snakes away towards ‘freedom’.


Do not make it ridiculously easy for your invasive snake to find a hiding spot. Keep your backyard mowed, clean up and organize your belongings, and tidy up empty boxes and garbage cans.

Move It

If you are confident that the snake isn’t poisonous, and you aren’t afraid to handle a large, bulky snake, then try to catch the snake yourself. You must be fast and strong to do this. Fast to catch it, and strong to hold onto it. It will try very diligently to wriggle itself free and bite you. You do not want to get bitten, even if it isn’t poisonous. If you do manage to catch it, take it far far far away from your home, preferably to a nearby swamp or lake. Your last option is to just leave it alone. Some people seem to enjoy a creepy critter crawling around the home. Maybe you might too.


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