Home Protection

Timing system

If we are going to be gone for any length of time, our home should be equipped with programmable light timing devices. These timers should be set all through the house and at irregular times. For example: in the bed room the light(s) should go on when we would regularly go to bed and on only as long as normal. If the lights are on all night it is a dead give-away nobody is home. If we sit up and watch TV, than the TV should have a timer on it as well. There are timers that two or three items can work off of. We may even want the light in the kitchen to go on for only a few minutes at night so that there appears to be movement in the house.

Alarm system signs

It is surprising how well this works; however, we need to put these signs in the backyard as well as the front yard. We need to use the sticks and well as the signs. (https://www.amazon.com)

Motion detecting lights

These lights should not all be out in the open. If you can see these light it is easy to avoid them; therefore, placing a few lights under cover, such as behind a bush facing a window or door will surprise any would-be intruder.

Wireless alarms

If an alarm system has to be wired, the wires can be cut. There are systems that can send a signal to our cell phones and we can even see what is happening. They work like the “nanny-cam”. (Home Depot or Lowes) have these devices and are very easy to install and sends an ear piercing 120-decibel alarm.


Trim all the bushes that are near windows and doors so that they are no more than four feet high. Most intruders are going to five foot or taller. (https://www.bankrate.com) If you live in an older house like we do than you might have an outside cellar door that is an entry. We do not think about cellar windows that are another entry we forget about.


A barking dog will deter most would be intruders. Do not have a dog? There are “decoy” dogs that are motion activated, however, they do not always sound like a real dog. There is a solution; go to the local dog pound and tape the dogs there. This not only sounds real but also sounds like more than one dog in the house.

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