Hardwood Floor Medallions Bring Beauty to Flooring

Installing a wooden hardwood floor medallion can add beauty and tasteful decoration to an often overlooked part of a home – the floor.

It is an easy install if you have the right tools and gusto to get the floor looking intriguing and gorgeous. Floor medallions have become quite a popular decoration for hardwood floors and they are not expensive. Floor medallions can display a central decorative theme for the house or even a family crest that is custom made. Have the same medallion in the center of the floor in every room. You have no limits when it comes to your hardwood floor medallion.

Step 1

Before the medallion is installed it must be allowed to adapt to the humidity levels of the home. Store the medallion in the room it will be installed in for 24 hours ahead of time. It will warp if it is not given time to assimilate before it is glued down.


Step 2

Make a card stock or plywood template out of the shape you are using for your medallion. The medallion could be any shape so be careful to choose one that is makes it easy to match a hole in the floor. A circle is the typical medallion shape.

Step 3

Carefully measure where you want the medallion to be placed. Tack the template into the floor with the small tack nails. These are very small nails and will not scratch the hardwood floor.

Step 4

Once you have the template exactly where you want it, begin the first pass with the saw. The blade on the saw cannot cut the entire hole in one run through. You must go around the template at least twice. Always cut the template out in a clockwise direction to keep the blade cutting the same direction.

Step 5

Remove the floorboards with the chisel or crowbar. Very carefully pull the floorboards out one at a time. The template keeps the remaining floorboards from chipping. Never remove the template until the floorboards are completely removed, as some of the boards may not have been cut thoroughly.

Step 6

Set any floor nails into the subfloor with the hammer. This will keep them from chipping the saw blade or making the medallion uneven.

Step 7

Clean and vacuum any debris from the hole and surrounding area. Also remove the asphalt paper that may be left over from the original wood work.

Step 8

Apply the floor glue to the newly cleaned space in equal amounts throughout the hole. You do not need to make sure it is covering every inch of the hole because the medallion’s weight will distribute the adhesive.

Step 9

Gently put the medallion into the hole and place the sandbag on it to make sure it is not moving.

Step 10

After the medallion as set for 24 hours, you can sand it and the floor to make sure the color is even.

Things You’ll Need

  • Urethane floor adhesive
  • Spiral saw
  • 3/16-inch saw blade
  • Plywood standard sheet
  • Tracing pencil
  • Floor medallion
  • Chisel or crowbar
  • Vacuum
  • Sander
  • Claw hammer
  • Small tack nails
  • Large full sandbag


  • It is wise to keep household humidity to a level of between 40 and 60 percent during wintertime. This will keep the hardwood floors and wooden medallions from warping.
  • To ensure the color of the medallion and the hardwood flooring match, it is best to install the medallion into unfinished flooring.

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