Tips for Avoiding the Gas Pumps

Let’s face it, gas prices are soaring higher than a bald eagle. It can hurt your wallet by visiting it often. If you are trying to think of ways to avoid buying gas all the time, consider these suggestions to help you.

Watch how you drive.

If you have a heavy foot, or you like to wait for the last minute to press on the break pedals, your gas tank can suffer. Pushing the car harder than needed will cause the engine to work heavier than it should. The more the engine has to work, the more gas it will require. Take the time to break those old accelerating habits. Doing this can save you a few miles per gallon.

Resist turning off the engine.

Starting the car uses gas. When the engine turns over, gas has to surge through the fuel lines into the engine. Instead, just wait patiently in the car to leave again. You will use less gas, sitting idle, than you would to turn the engine off and back on.

Let the car coast when possible.

According to debt free, If you are going down hill, or you have cruise control, let off the accelerator …

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Installing a Sump Pump

When a basement or crawl space has unwanted water the solution is often to install a sump pump. This is a system using a sump pit, with a liner, combined with a sump pump and drain line to automatically remove the water and pump to out of the house. This is a very basic system which when installed properly is very reliable and very effective.

Pick out the best location for the sump pump. This should be where the water tends to gather or the lowest point in the basement or crawl space. If possible, it should be located in a corner or away from any area where people walk or work. This will help protect the pump from damage and protect the people from stepping into the sump pit and being injured.

Dig a pit to match the size sump pit liner you have purchased. Most pits will be a minimum of 24 inches across and 24 to 30 inches deep. Keep the sides smooth and the bottom of the pit level and free of any debris. Insert the pit liner in the pit and make certain it sits level and square. While keeping the liner level, pack …

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How to Save Money at the Pump: Tips that Really Help

Even though gas prices have declined within the last week, the high costs are still putting dents in our pockets! Below you will find some gas-saving tips that will help reduce some of that pain you are feeling at the pump. Just by changing your driving habits, you can change your mpg tremendously. How do you do this? By following a couple of driving tips and going through routine maintenance on your vehicle, you will save in the long run. Improving the gas mileage your vehicle gets is just a matter of small changes in your driving habits. Regardless of how often you are filling up your tank, these tips will definitely help get you farther on one tank of gas. I have personally tested them and made changes in my driving habits and have increased my mpg by 20%. These are easy tips anyone can do!

Hand with gas pump and money

Check your speed: Fuel economy drops quickly when you drive over 65mpg, especially in an SUV. Leave with plenty of time to get to your destination and keep it at 65mph to get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle. Drive the speed limit on highways …

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How to Replace a Sump Pump

With the risk of water damage on the line, replacing a sump pump may seem a little daunting. But rest assured, no claims adjusters will step foot in your basement if you follow these simple steps with the most basic of tools.

The first step is to assess the problem. Is your sump pit draining too slowly? Does your sump pump run for extended periods of time, even on dry days? Or, in the worst case scenario, do your shoes fill with water when you stand in your basement? All of these are signs you may need a new sump pump. But before you rush to the store, run through this checklist to make sure the problem doesn’t have a more simple solution.

1) Have any pipes attached to the sump pump become disconnected?

2) Are there any visible blockages?

3) Did the sump pump come unplugged? 
If none of these apply, it’s time to think about replacement.

From brand to horsepower to warranty, sump pumps run the gamut. Stop into your local home center for all available options and expert advice. Ideally, it’s best to replace the pump on a nice dry day so your sump pit won’t fill …

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Save Money at the Gas Pump

With gas prices averaging $2.50 a gallon and climbing, everyone feels the crunch when it comes time to fill up. By making small changes to how you drive your vehicle, as well as keeping your car maintained, you can lessen the pain at the pump. Here are a few tips and tricks to save money when you fill up.

When your engine is cold, it uses significantly more gas than when it is warm. To improve gas mileage, combine trips instead of making several smaller trips. Since the engine will be warm after driving one of those small trips, by making them right after another, the rest of those trips will be made after the engine is warmed up, saving gasoline.

Instead of getting on the gas quickly and braking quickly, get on the gas slowly and gently, and anticipate stops so that you can coast to a stop using the brake only slightly. Not only will this extend the life of your car, it will save energy and use less gas.

Make sure that your tires are properly inflated. For every pound your tires are under inflated, you can lose one to two percent of your fuel mileage. It is best …

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Don’t Jump at the Pump

Gas prices are really eating into your budget. You know it. I know it. Getting a more fuel-efficient car is a wonderful idea, but it isn’t an option for many of us.

So here are a few tips to get the most out of your gas tank.

1. Don’t idle unless you really must.

This is actually two tips in one. First, see if you can find routes that have less traffic and fewer lights. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time the average American spends just sitting in traffic. More open routes will save you from that gas waster and will probably lower your blood pressure too.

Second, don’t leave the car on when you’re parked. It’s not something you think about, but it happens all the time. You have something to read or someone to call, and you stay in the car to do it. As far as your fuel tank is concerned, you might as well still be sitting at that red light.

2. Take unnecessary things out of your car

I know I am guilty of this all the time. Actually, as I’m writing this, I have a trunk full of useless junk. Your car shouldn’t be …

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Protect Your Home With a Sump Pump Backup System

For many of us our homes are our biggest investment. Protecting your home from water damage is an important part of maintaining your homes value. A reliable sump pump system that includes a backup pump is your biggest ally in your fight against water damage.

If your sump pump is powered by electricity you need to install a backup energy source in case of a power outage. Power outages are the number one cause of sump pump failures. To protect your home against this situation you need to install a battery or generator operated back up system. Generators are available that run on gasoline, natural gas and propane.

Installing an alternative power source for you your sump pump system is only the first step. For complete water damage protection in your home you should install a sump pump backup system. This second sump pump will save you home from water damage when the first sump pump fails for reasons other than power outages, such as: mechanical failures and pump overload.

Mechanical failures are the second most common source of sump pump failure. Antiquated systems break down unexpectedly leaving your home vulnerable to water damage and mold infestation. You can protect your home …

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Blessed Be the Sump Pump and a Snorkel for Every Cow

Blessed be the sump pump complete with hose and praise the land with a snorkel for every cow!!!

So far this spring – we are keeping our heads and furnace above the level of the incoming water. Our home, reportedly, had a dry basement for 30 years…. Then it became ours and cyclically wet.

Hmmmm….. I wonder.

Life is good. The power, despite the wind & ice & rain, is enough to keep the sump pump pumping ahead of the incoming tide. The pump is strong; it hasn’t died; a hose carries the water away. In springs past, Hiram – our barking Jack Russell protector – has bravely attacked and devoured water-belching snakes….. After his kills, the pump would still pump, but the water would rise.

Hmmmm….. I wonder.

On a sinking boat, women and children are the first in the lifeboats. The captain is usually the last to leave. Houses must be different.

One spring, at another home, we were hit hard by a storm. We (Grammy, Grampy, and two four year old grandchildren) woke to find a basement with water eight inches high and still rising. The water was pouring in much faster than the underpowered pump could …

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