Home-Made Adults

When I became a parent I never really thought about how my children would turn out. What would there personalities be like, how would they differ from other people, what would they become. It just wasn’t a strong goal of mine. That being said if I knew then what I know now, things would be different. I surely would have raised much more independent children. Instead, I didn’t allow my children to grow. I was to set on being the mother that my mother never was. I had a strong, independent mother who did not give her children the time or day to converse about life and expected struggles. I felt kind of cheated by that so I decided early on that I would be a mom that would do it all. Work hard and come last. My children would come first. They would get all that I didn’t get, I would fill them with protection that I had to fend for in life for myself and I would comfort them with hugs and kisses that I never really experienced. It actually landed up slapping me in the face because now my kids and adults solely depend on my husband …

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How to Remove Snakes from Your Home

Most people aren’t too comfortable with the idea of a long, creepy and potentially poisonous snake crawling around their bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, or back yards. So just how does one go about ridding their homes of these unwanted, legless beasts?

If you are concerned that the snake may be venomous, then call in a professional snake handler instead of manually attempting to remove it. The snake handler will be able to safely remove the snake for an affordable price. There is no point in risking your life just to save some money. Otherwise, continue with the following steps:


You need to find out how the snake got into your home by locating its point of origin. Then, you can track its movements by observing the trail of snake skin littered along its path. Typically, snakes will go wherever they can find food. Make sure all of your garbage cans are tightly shut, there are no rats roaming your hallways, and that the point of origin remains open so that the snake can safely leave on its own accord if it so chooses. Once it does leave, make sure to patch up the weak spot that allowed its initial entry …

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Home Protection

Timing system

If we are going to be gone for any length of time, our home should be equipped with programmable light timing devices. These timers should be set all through the house and at irregular times. For example: in the bed room the light(s) should go on when we would regularly go to bed and on only as long as normal. If the lights are on all night it is a dead give-away nobody is home. If we sit up and watch TV, than the TV should have a timer on it as well. There are timers that two or three items can work off of. We may even want the light in the kitchen to go on for only a few minutes at night so that there appears to be movement in the house.

Alarm system signs

It is surprising how well this works; however, we need to put these signs in the backyard as well as the front yard. We need to use the sticks and well as the signs. (https://www.amazon.com)

Motion detecting lights

These lights should not all be out in the open. If you can see these light it is easy to avoid them; therefore, placing a …

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Tips on How to Downsize Your Home for Your Writing Career

Serious writers hoping to pursue their dreams full-time often face the dilemma of figuring out just how to survive economically until their careers are in full swing. For many, that may mean moving to a smaller, less expensive home for the sake of being able to work in a field they love. If you feel that a relocation would benefit your pursuit of happiness career-wise, consider the following tips on how to downsize your home for your writing career for a few quick suggestions on what to contemplate beforehand.

Tip #1: Consider the countryside. Rural real estate is quite often markedly lower in price than what the city has to offer. Sprawling estates, doubled square footage, and an abundance of history and ambiance are often what writers downsizing to the county can expect for their limited dollars. While such a move may not be economical if daily commutes to the city are required, writers who can do the majority of their work from home may wish to peruse what lies just outside the city limits for their next home choice.

Tip #2: Keep office placement in mind. If you are accustomed to having a large office in a secluded area of your …

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