Blessed Be the Sump Pump and a Snorkel for Every Cow

Blessed be the sump pump complete with hose and praise the land with a snorkel for every cow!!!

So far this spring – we are keeping our heads and furnace above the level of the incoming water. Our home, reportedly, had a dry basement for 30 years…. Then it became ours and cyclically wet.

Hmmmm….. I wonder.

Life is good. The power, despite the wind & ice & rain, is enough to keep the sump pump pumping ahead of the incoming tide. The pump is strong; it hasn’t died; a hose carries the water away. In springs past, Hiram – our barking Jack Russell protector – has bravely attacked and devoured water-belching snakes….. After his kills, the pump would still pump, but the water would rise.

Hmmmm….. I wonder.

On a sinking boat, women and children are the first in the lifeboats. The captain is usually the last to leave. Houses must be different.

One spring, at another home, we were hit hard by a storm. We (Grammy, Grampy, and two four year old grandchildren) woke to find a basement with water eight inches high and still rising. The water was pouring in much faster than the underpowered pump could move it out. Grampy screamed, “Man the buckets – the water can’t reach this “doohickey” on the furnace or all is lost.” He then jumped in the lifeboat, I mean Firebird, and motored through the flooded streets. He drove forty miles round trip for the needed stronger pump. The bucket brigade stayed to face the danger and moved the water in diaper pails and beach pails and cups when we tired, supplementing the work of the pump. We held the water under the “doohickey” until Grampy returned. The ship/house was saved. The captain/grampy had returned

Hmmmm…. I wonder.

In another life, in another world (Oregon), in a rainy winter storm…. the water was supreme. We didn’t challenge the flooding. We adapted…. Every cow wore a snorkel.

Hmmmmm….. really!

Post Script:

(This storm Hiram’s done it again. Another water spewing snake was destroyed. He had to dig it up to get to it this time and it is, again, in pieces.)

Grampy’s response…

. (My wife exaggerates sometimes and has an entirely different set of memories from mine. Often! I would bet money that a lot of partners noticed the identical phenomena. I t was one of those storms where the water couldn’t flow down the storm drains fast enough and as an alternate route chose to flow down our driveway and in through the basement window casings. I was actually already at work at Yankee Marina in Yarmouth and had to drive to our home in Saco, then to Wells Beach in this rain that was falling hard enough to become very close to whiteout conditions. My brother loaned us his gasoline powered pump which did save our furnace and water heater and a slew of other items in the basement. I agree with one thing though – blessed be the sump pump.)

Grammy’s come back….

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”

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